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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your message, it will be helpful for you.

1. If you have ordered the product, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the payment method and delivery matters.

2. Normally, after your order is shipped, you can receive the shipment and PI/CI information of your order within 12 hours. If you do not receive them within 24 hours, please send us a message via Message or email.

3. If you are a contract signing user, please provide order information, such as product name, contract number, etc. Then we can solve your problem correctly as soon as possible.

4. If you meet any troubles while using our products, we would like to help you at any time.

5. If you have any chance to partner with us or you want to be an investor of Sino-Graphite, please feel free to contact us.


1. Occasionally, a few of mail systems(for example @gmail.com) may cause that you can not receive our reply normally. So, if you send message to us through the message system but don't receive any response. Please use your another e-mail address you have or send your info to eric"(AT)"sino-graphite.com with subject "Need Sino-Graphite Support".

2. You can also contact us with Skype, our Skype ID is sivosmart

Thanks again for your consideration!

Dr.Carbon Team
Bysar (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd (Sino-Graphite)



Contact: Eric Wong

Tel: +86-21-80392244

WhatsApp: Dr.Carbon

E-mail: eric@sino-graphite.com

Add: 1150#, Lanfeng Rd, Fengxian, Shanghai, China

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